Kampong Thon to Skun 11.1.2010 return leg

Bad day today as we went on lash last night for andys birthday. I felt so weak today i nearly fainted and went dizzy, i think mainly due to dehydration and no food. cant explain how hard it is to eat when the heat is so bad, you just dont feel hungry. after a late start and 60 miles to go it was bad from start to finish. we met a german cyclist today at a water stop and he’d been travelling 5 months from Korea to where we met him today with 2 months left for him finishing in bangkok. This region is known for spiders as a delicasy and they are great big things i’ll download a pic of them tomo. Not tried any myself but they look like big trallanchellous on a skewer. arrived in Skun about 430 and its only a small town again with a market in the center. After viewing 2 guesthouses we picked the best of the 2 who wanted $12 per room and managed to get a dollar off. we’ve had a lot better for $5 but they got you fucked due to them knowing there is nothing else around and the same guy owning everything around it seemed. early night again tonight and phnom penh tomo

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