temples of ankar

Hiya all
been to see temples for last 2 days and they’re amazing, no wonder its the 8th wonder of the world. the battery on my camera is on charge at mo so will post the pics tomo. I think were heading back tomo so another 4 days back to phnom penh then another 2 or 3 to saigon depending on how things are going. no problems so far with anyones bikes. not even a puncture so good stuff. The site of the temples is 350 square kms so you’d need over a week here to see them all maybe longer. the moat around some of them are huge. people most have spent an entire lifetime on building these temples. its very westernised in the town siam reap due to the tourism so also a little expensive compared to other towns on the way here. any way i’m off for a beer now ciao

2 thoughts on “temples of ankar

  1. Hiya pal it\’s Danny, its minus fifteen here tonight (no joke) theres about 3 inch of snow ont groud and if i were you pal i\’d stay there for another six months until this shite weather abates. Been following your photos and it looks like you\’ve lost a bit of weight, even though ive put about 2 stone on over christmas. Have a good \’un mate, speak to you soon, Robbo.

  2. Hi Ivan, sounds brilliant. We are in the middle of the deep freeze here. Minus 11 here in the morning. The forcast is for more snow " we have now had around 7" over the last week and with daytime temp not above freezing, its not melting at all! Hav\’nt been on the bike for ages. Ever since the monsoons in November I have been struggling to get out. Joined the gym now. Must have been hard work for you training up for this Holiday with all that wet weather. Hope you are getting enogh noodle soup!keep in touch,Ian

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