battambang to siam reap

Hiya all again.

awake at 530am yesterday in time for breakfast and then to jetty ready for boat ride to siam reap. We met a french couple on this boat who had sold everything they possessed and had been travelling for 5 years and intended another 7 years. The bikes were put on the roof of the boat then it was off up the stung sangker river from battambang and accross the tonle sap. This was an incredible journey and very scenic passing floating villages and nomadic river dwelling people who’s lives revolve around the changing seasons on the river. its a constant cry of hello and waving from the children on both banks as they hear the sound of the boat pas through. it almost seems intrusive passing through and the endless mass of riverbank shacks and floating villages but its very scenic and a bird watchers paradise. after crossing the tonle sap lake we weave our way up a narrow channel sailing through wetlands and branches of trees whipping the boat and your skin if you sit to close to the windowless boats edge. eventually we arrived after about 8 hours at the jetty at chong kneas and after loading up the bikes its a 8 mile ride into siam reap to a $5 guesthouse for the night.

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