Well 2 days to wait for our flight home now so its 2 days of well earned rest and drinking lol. Its been an amazing adventure and i dont know how how much money we’ve raised for alder hay childrens hospital but its been well worth it. we had some hard days due to the heat which was in excess of 120 degrees but our speed increased from 10mph average to between 15/16mph avg as we became acclimatised to the heat. Was really impressed with shaggers especially after the day we did a ton, seeing as he never really been on a bike before so well done to him and we’re all very proud of our accomplishment. Well its bye for now as its time for going on the lash at our cheap bar we found at 9 pence a glass of beer but it was only 8p 2 years ago, damn inflation………

Bavet to saigon

Is this really the end. we only had 40 miles to finish in saigon but we decided to visit the chu chi tunnels site which made the day a 71 mile nightmare with the finish coming into saigon with no lights in the dark during rush hour. after a shit breakfast we did the formalities at the border crossing and after about 15mins we was on our way. we turnrd off national route 1 after trang bang and headed for chu chi tunnels. finally after 14 miles we arrived at the site and had a tour round the tunnels. they have been widened so as to fit us big westerners down and the tunnels was full of bats which you caught with your heads while squeezing through the narrow passageways. its a 250km network of tunnels with 3 levels and its very hot like an oven down there. after a little local dish of tree root called tapiorchy or something which tasted like horse chesnuts, it was off to saigon. we arrived on the outskirts about 530pm and it took us till 7.15pm to reach guest house in backpackers area of district 1 Pham ngu loa. as the light faded it was horrendous and quite scary with the traffic coming to grid lock in central saigon. you couldn’t even get off and walk due to all the moto’s going down the pavements. its mad and the only way to get anywhere is to follow suit and just go for it. its amazing you dont see more accidents. John was waiting with a celebratery chocolate swirl cake and it went down a treat yum yum. good on yer john. 

105 miles phnom penh to bavet 14.1.2010

Had a day off yesterday after arriving in phnom penh. John’s been ill and hardly eaten for 2 days so he’s catching bus to saigon on friday. After an early start we planned to do 120kms to svay rieng but after doing 60 mile before dinner we pressed on to border crossing at bavet total 105miles. After the road comong to an end at neak loeung and catching a ferry across the mekong we pressed on making good time. shag pile ran over an engine valve from a moto and needed a new innertube so we arrived in bavet at 5.30pm. after checking in to guesthouse we went out to eat and this small border town is amazing at night time it turns into a floresant mini las vegas. About 6 massive hotel-casinos light up the sky with a multitude of bright colours. I had an early night and was sheeted up fot 10.00pm but andy and shag pile stayed out drinking ankor beer till 12.30am celebrating the fact we’d done 100+miles on the bike, but any excuse being the alkies they are.

Skun to phnom penh

48 miles today and had an early start so arrived at 12.30. we’ve booked in a guesthouse on the side of the mekong river and had an irish stew dinner in the frog and shamrock pub. back to tourist towns which is ok but prefer it out rural where not so many tourists. its a lot cheaper ha. John not been feeling good for last 2 days he’s hardly eaten and he doesn’t look to good but we’re having tomo off as well so hopefully he can recover. bad road into here for last 30 miles as its so narrow and the rule here is biggest has priority so you find overtaking 4by4’s and buses and trucks heading straight for you knowing you will move or die. so many times had to go off road onto dirt at side of road. you cant play chicken here on a bike and expect to win lol. 240 kms to go to saigon so 2 days left to do in the saddle. first leg is 120kms to svay rieng then exit cambodia at Bavet and then through vietnam border at Moc Bai.

Kampong Thon to Skun 11.1.2010 return leg

Bad day today as we went on lash last night for andys birthday. I felt so weak today i nearly fainted and went dizzy, i think mainly due to dehydration and no food. cant explain how hard it is to eat when the heat is so bad, you just dont feel hungry. after a late start and 60 miles to go it was bad from start to finish. we met a german cyclist today at a water stop and he’d been travelling 5 months from Korea to where we met him today with 2 months left for him finishing in bangkok. This region is known for spiders as a delicasy and they are great big things i’ll download a pic of them tomo. Not tried any myself but they look like big trallanchellous on a skewer. arrived in Skun about 430 and its only a small town again with a market in the center. After viewing 2 guesthouses we picked the best of the 2 who wanted $12 per room and managed to get a dollar off. we’ve had a lot better for $5 but they got you fucked due to them knowing there is nothing else around and the same guy owning everything around it seemed. early night again tonight and phnom penh tomo

Kampong kdei to kampong Thon 10.1.2010 return leg

58 miles today but had an early start so as to miss as much midday heat as possible. good road down here again. passing by villages and houses here in this part of the country side seems a simple life. families are totally self sufficient, growing their own rice, vegetables, rearing cows, pigs, chicken and ducks, and fishing at nearby ponds, just for their daily meals. Arrived in kampong Thon, a fairly big town compared to the one last night,  a little after 3 and booked in a hotel with ac and its andys birthday today so few drinks later.

siam reap to kampong kdei 9.1.2010 return leg

hiya all
this been first time i could update from siam reap due to no internet cafes where we been staying. Left siam reap late due to heavy boozing session till 3.30am and managed 40 miles to kampong kdei. This town is very different from siam reap, which is very westernized i suppose you’d say they even have a KFC, but this is the real cambodia. its a very small town with a small market in the center and a couple of guest houses behind it. was a good road down to here but very hot. well over 100 degrees so still very hard going. had a noodle soup and rice for tea and then everything seemed to close early so back to guesthouse for an early night and mossie nets had to be put up as well.

temples of ankar

Hiya all
been to see temples for last 2 days and they’re amazing, no wonder its the 8th wonder of the world. the battery on my camera is on charge at mo so will post the pics tomo. I think were heading back tomo so another 4 days back to phnom penh then another 2 or 3 to saigon depending on how things are going. no problems so far with anyones bikes. not even a puncture so good stuff. The site of the temples is 350 square kms so you’d need over a week here to see them all maybe longer. the moat around some of them are huge. people most have spent an entire lifetime on building these temples. its very westernised in the town siam reap due to the tourism so also a little expensive compared to other towns on the way here. any way i’m off for a beer now ciao

battambang to siam reap

Hiya all again.

awake at 530am yesterday in time for breakfast and then to jetty ready for boat ride to siam reap. We met a french couple on this boat who had sold everything they possessed and had been travelling for 5 years and intended another 7 years. The bikes were put on the roof of the boat then it was off up the stung sangker river from battambang and accross the tonle sap. This was an incredible journey and very scenic passing floating villages and nomadic river dwelling people who’s lives revolve around the changing seasons on the river. its a constant cry of hello and waving from the children on both banks as they hear the sound of the boat pas through. it almost seems intrusive passing through and the endless mass of riverbank shacks and floating villages but its very scenic and a bird watchers paradise. after crossing the tonle sap lake we weave our way up a narrow channel sailing through wetlands and branches of trees whipping the boat and your skin if you sit to close to the windowless boats edge. eventually we arrived after about 8 hours at the jetty at chong kneas and after loading up the bikes its a 8 mile ride into siam reap to a $5 guesthouse for the night.

pursat to battambang

Hiya again
68 miles today and the last 10 miles was hell. The sun has been burning me through my cloths its that hot. all the children run to the side of the road to wave and shout hello all day long through every village and town but for last hour didn’t have the energy to reply hello i was so drained. this battambang is a nice town and finally got a usb lead for my mates camera so will post some pics now. getting a boat ride tomorrow up the river and onto the tonle sap over to jetty town near siam reap so well earned rest from bike tomo.  

hard day

Hello all
Today was very hard. cycled to Kompong Chhlang, 62 miles and it was 123 degrees, 48c. was so glad to reach guest house and have cold shower and lie down. got dehydrated which made it so much harder and its so hard to force food down in this heat. going out to eat now so catch you all later.

new year

Happy new year to all. hope your ok. we spent new year in phnom penh. great fireworks display. leaving tomo got 100 kms to do to next town heading for battambang which will take 3 days its been up to 118 degrees so its very uncomfortable cycling but still batting on lol. been to Choeung Ek genocide site today or the killing fields its only 10 kms from guest house. also visited the prison where 20,000 were tortured to death and its hard to believe it was only 1975.
01 January 11:25